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When you can no longer fix something, it is sometimes more cost-effective to replace it rather than invest additional money in short-term fixes. Everything from vehicles to appliances bears this out. The staff at Cambridge Roofing Services can attest to the truth of this statement as skilled Cambridge roof replacement professionals. For every roof replacement in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Cambridge Roofing Services employs high-quality materials to offer each client outstanding customer care and timely completion.

Cambridge Roofing Services enjoys providing our clients with high-quality, reasonably priced work. We'll be honest in our appraisal of the necessary installation work. We can deal with the insurance company if you have an insurance claim you depend on for financing. We'll inform you of the tasks involved in the roof replacement and the time frame involved.

We take pride in providing Middlesex County with high-quality roofing services on behalf of our ownership. You may learn more about our track record through our client testimonials. Next, we desire to assist you.


There are specific apparent signals that a new roof is more cost-effective than having an old one repaired.

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  • The roof's age must be at least ten years. Always start by assessing someone's age. If a roof is more than ten years old, basic repairs won't solve the problems a property owner is experiencing. In the long run, the owner may save more money by purchasing a new roof.

  • Destruction of the shingles. The roof is showing its age if there are any curves, fissures, or black streaks.

  • Litter in the yard. The shingles may begin to split and fall to the ground if damaged. It's essential to call a Wilson roof replacement professional for an inspection if a stroll around the outside of the building consistently reveals a shingle pick-up.

  • Smoky traces. It extends beyond any possible stains on the shingles themselves. The black water streaks might appear on the walls and other surfaces when water starts pouring into the house. If a roof is not shielding persons within the building from the weather, it fails in its most fundamental duty. It's a clue that it could be time to replace the roof.

  • A moss-collecting roof. Moisture attracts moss. Thus, if a roof is retaining moisture and growing moss, the roof may be deteriorating.

  • The ceiling sags. A homeowner might not be able to see the moss, but if the inside roof begins to sag, they might. Another indication that the roof can no longer effectively drain moisture is this. Additionally, if the roof is an older model, it can be beyond economical repair.

  • Do the neighbors do anything? This inquiry is relevant to any residential or commercial development when they constructed the structures around the same period.

A homeowner should look for some of the warning indicators mentioned here if they see several neighbors have to replace their roofs.

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